Stats Trick

Raising your Chao's stats can be a long and tiring task. It requires you to collect a maximum of 10 Chaos Drives and/or animals within the levels of the main game. Then you go into Chao World afterwards and give them to your Chao.

Since you can only have 10 Chaos Drives or animals at a time, this becomes very repetitive. I'm sure that with your first few Chao you kept repeating levels over and over again just to raise your Chao's stats!

Fortunately, there is a glitch in the game that makes raising these stats easier and far less time consuming. Here's how to do it.

  1. Pick up an animal with your character, and stand about one Chao width apart from your Chao.
  2. Now put down the animal just in front of your Chao (instead of giving it to him). Position it so it just touches the Chao as it is placed down.

If done correctly, instead of your Chao grabbing the animal, hugging it and flinging it away, it will do the same but without grabbing the animal. It will still sparkle, but without grabbing the animal. The animal will even be flung away too! Now your Chao has gained the stats from this animal, but the animal is still able to be used again!

Chaos Drives can also be used with this method, but it is slightly trickier to position due to the way the Chaos Drives float up and down. To speed things up further, after you place the item down, you can catch it mid-air while it is being flung away from the Chao, to avoid having to run and pick it up again.

You will prefer to have your Chao stay in one place for this. So it's a good idea to pet, or pick up and put down your Chao so you can align yourself properly with it.

Chao Doctor

Taking your Chao to the Chao Doctor after it has reincarnated can result in the game freezing/data being deleted. This has been fixed on the Gamecube release. I haven't experimented much with this glitch, but it was well known within the community around the time the game was released and many reports have said this can result on your file becoming corrupt/deleted, so be careful!

Importing Chao from Sonic Adventure 1

Of course, when everyone first got Sonic Adventure 2, and the two eggs in the first garden, we wanted more Chao! The adventurous ones of us promptly put an egg from Sonic Adventure 1 into a VMU, and loaded up Sonic Adventure 2. Sure enough - it appeared when we stepped onto the Chao Transporter button in the garden! Easy! Well... once the Egg came into the Sonic Adventure 2 garden and hatched - a very warped glitched Chao called DUMMY was created.

People didn't give up on these Dummy Chao though. After the Chao reincarnated, it became a normal Chao once again! Likewise - many Chao breeders also tried to move Gold / Silver Chao from Sonic Adventure 1 to Sonic Adventure 2 (The SA2 Black Market was not available on the Internet during the early months of release). The same result - glitched DUMMY Chao. However, after reincarnation the Chao became whole again - and retained its jewel colour!