VMU Chao Editor 2

Following the success of the first Chao Editor, Tyro was at it again with the even more popular Chao Editor 2! Again he developed a program that you can save to your VMU and transport a Chao into. From this you can then edit your Chao's stats and appearance however you want! Full details and working download is available from his website.

<VMU Chao Editor 2>

Cool Features

The most interesting thing for most people was the fact that you could create an Omochao for your garden that could be raised! These changes even resulted in unique dialogue from the Chao Doctor. Chao you could create were:

Data Values

Here is what we know of the values Chao hold for Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast:

There also seem to be 5 different counters for Chao trauma.

Note: when you hit a Chao, the game sets all 5 counters together.