Chao Principal

The Chao Principal will tell you the basics about Chao and give you basic tips on how to raise them. He knows quite a lot, but will not uncover everything to know about Chao!

When you go to see him, he says "Actually, I'm the Chao doctor.". I'm not sure why this is... Mystery solved! Update about this at the bottom of the page!

Game Text

Welcome to the kindergarten.
I'm the kindergarten principal.

Actually, I'm the Chao doctor.
What would you like to do?

Chao garden.1
There are three Chao gardens.
Chao grow up differently
in each garden.
One Chao garden is accessible now.
Special requirements needed to
get the other two Chao gardens.
Have you seen all three yet?

Chao garden.2
Time only passes in the garden
when you are in there. Therefore,
leisurely raise your Chao in
each garden even if there are
more gardens to take care of.

Taking care of Chao.1
Chao love to be held and pet.

Don't punch or attack Chao.
They will hate you.

Taking care of Chao.2
Remember, just petting your
Chao isn't enough.
Pet your Chao when its good.
If you spoil them, Chao will
become rotten and naughty.
Spoiled Chao are still cute, though.

Chao mating.
When flowers bloom around a Chao,
it's said to be in its mating season.
When they mate,
they may lay eggs.

Tree fruits.1
Chao love to eat tree fruits.
There are different fruits. Try them
and see which fruits are best.

Tree fruits.2
Chao gain stamina when they eat
tree fruits. Your chances to win
races increase with stamina.

Tree and seeds.1
There are 2 types of trees in the garden.
The first is full-grown and will never die.
The second grows from seeds that
your Chao finds in Chao Adventure 2.
This type will grow and eventually die.

Tree and seeds.2
Trees you seed won't last forever,
so remember to collect seeds when
you take Chao on an adventure
using your memory card.

Tree and seeds.3
How to plant a seed? That's a secret.

Tree and seeds.4
Plant up to 6 trees in the garden.
You can not plant seeds
after 6 trees are planted.

Small animals.
Your Chao change depending on the
small animals and Chaos drives you
give them. Each animal and Chaos
drive will effect Chao differently.
Try them all.

Toys are prizes from the Chao races.

Chao love toys. Raise your Chao
to win a grand prize in Chao race.

Chao Adventure 2.
Insert your memory card
and take Chao on an adventure.
Various adventures will influence
your Chao. They may get smarter,
or even become luckier.
When you finish your adventure,
you may get a tree seed.

How to raise Chao.
Your Chao change depending on
how you care for it or by the fruits
you feed them. Chao also change
depending on the small animals
and Chaos drives you give them.
Try different combinations.

Chao race.1
Tips on how to win the Chao race.

How they do in the races all depend
on their skills, stamina and support.

Chao race.2
To develop Chao skills, give them
small animals and Chaos drives
It's important to build experience
when you take them on an adventure.

Chao race.3
For stamina, you need to feed
them a lot of tree fruits.

Chao race.4
To cheer for your Chao,
use the L/R triggers.
If you push your Chao too hard,
Chao's stamina will decrease.
Keep an eye on the stamina gauge
and remember to pace your Chao.


A user Kantopia on Twitter has unvieled the mystery of the Chao Doctor! Seems like it's just a translation issue and there are two different people! Read more here.