Sonic Adventure 2 Homepage

The Sonic Adventure 2 homepage could be accessed via the Dreamcast's built in internet modem. From there you could do a variety of things such as upload and download Chao, get hints about the game, and register and post to the official message boards (bulletin boards).

The Chao Daycare
Chao Daycare "You can leave your Chao here, and trade with your friends."
You were able to upload and download Chao, and the Chao would have a description about it. This was used to share Chao with each other online and for purposes such as contests on the bulletin boards.
The Black Market
Black Market "A specialty store that deals in rare Chao."
Rare Chao such as Jewel Chao were made available for download for your Chao garden.
Bulletin Boards (BBS)
Chao BBS The official bulletin boards (BBS) were the inspiration for this website and provided the foundation for Chao Island back in 2001!