Chao have seven different stats, which can be increased mainly by giving them animals or Chaos Drives. Stats are the most important things for you to focus on if you want your Chao to compete in the Chao Stadium.


A Chao's stats can go up to a maximum of 999 points. From birth, a Chao will start with 0 stat points. If no drives/animals are given to the Chao, these stats will slowly increase to 20, when the Chao will under-go its first evolution. To view your Chao's stats, you need to look at the Chao's status on Chao Adventure 2. To do this, you need to place the Chao in a VMU using the Chao Transporter: please see the Chao Adventure 2 section for more information.

When the Chao eventually dies, if it reincarnates its stats will be reset back to zero. To avoid this, you can attempt to evolve your Chao into a Chaos Chao — which is immortal — and raising its stats up to a high level.

Stat types

As stated earlier, Chao have seven different stats. These seven types are explained below.


This stat determines how well your Chao can swim, or if it can swim at all. It is therefore very important for races that contain a lot of water, as a low Swim stat will cause you to lose your position to the better swimmers. An extremely low Swim stat will mean your Chao can't even swim in the Chao Gardens, and will instead thrash about in the water!

You can increase the Swim stat by giving your Chao animals and Chaos Drives from the yellow group. A Chao first learns to swim when its Swim stat reaches 100 points.


This stat determines how well your Chao can fly, or if it can fly at all. It can be very useful in races where your Chao has to jump down from a height, as it can use that opportunity to pull ahead if its Fly stat is high enough.

You can increase the Fly stat by giving your Chao animals and Chaos Drives from the purple group.


This stat determines how quickly your Chao can walk or run, or if it can walk at all. It is probably the single most important stat for races; nearly all the races have a huge emphasis on running, and your Chao will have a significant advantage if it has a high Run stat. An extremely low Run stat will mean your Chao can only crawl very slowly across the ground.

You can increase the Run stat by giving your Chao animals and Chaos Drives from the green group. A Chao first learns to walk when its Run stat reaches 20 points, and its walking speed increases at 100 points. This will further increase at X points and the Chao will get long strides at X points.


This stat determines how strong your Chao is. It is mostly needed for climbing cliffs in the races, where a higher Power stat will allow your Chao to climb up faster. Some races also have trees which require strength from your Chao in order to shake a nut down before proceeding.

You can increase the Power stat by giving your Chao animals and Chaos Drives from the red group.


This stat determines the physical constitution of your Chao. It is one of the most important stats for races, as it determines the size of your Chao's energy bar. Your Chao's energy will decrease throughout the race, and if it runs out, your Chao's speed will drop immensely. You can also cheer for your Chao during the race using the trigger buttons, which will give it a temporary speed boost in exchange for a chunk of energy. What this all means is that a high Stamina stat allows your Chao to keep its speed level and get additional speed boosts!

You can increase the Stamina stat by giving your Chao any kind of fruit, either ones that grow on trees in the gardens or ones from Chao Adventure 2.


Luck is raised by choosing the correct treasure chest in the Chao Adventure 2 mini game. It is believed that this stat affects how often it trips over, and is also used at the end of some races where your Chao must choose a lane to run down; if it chooses the wrong lane, it will fall down a hole and probably lose its position while it tries to climb out.


Intelligence can be raised in the Chao Adventure 2 mini game, this time by eating Smart Fruits collected there. You should raise intelligence as it will help your Chao solve the different puzzles in the course such as the shape game, and how quickly it solves the jack in the box puzzle.