Chaos Chao Garden

There are a great many rumours about secret Chao Gardens, such as a Chaos Chao Garden, Angel Garden, Devil Garden, and so on. These rumours are completely false. Only three Chao Gardens exist, and those are explained on the Gardens page.

Intelligence and Luck

Intelligence and Luck are two hidden stats which every Chao has. For a long time, the exact workings of these hidden stats have been unknown. People have had many different theories about how the stats are raised and what they actually do. However, due to recent research and hacking within our own community, we are starting to uncover the truth.

The most common belief about these stats by far, is that animals from the blue group increase Intelligence, animals from the gold group increase Luck, and animals from the black group decrease Luck. This has been proven to be false! In actuality, every animal increases both the Luck and Intelligence bars by the same amount: 20%. Chaos Drives go further and increase Luck by 40%.

Many people also believe that Luck affects how often a Chao trips over. Whilst we haven't yet figured this out completely, our work suggests that this is false. Luck definitely controls how often a Chao falls into trap holes in the races, and Intelligence definitely controls the Chao's ability to solve puzzles in the races. The stats do not seem to do anything else.

Breeding a Silver Chao

There is a rumour which says that you can breed a Shiny Normal Chao and any Lime Green Chao, and get a Silver Chao as the offspring. There are actually also rumours about breeding other regular combinations and getting other kinds of Jewel Chao as a result, but this is the most commonly mentioned combination. These are all completely false.

This rumour has largely stemmed from a video which seems to demonstrate breeding a Shiny Normal Chao with a Lime Green Chao, followed by a Silver Chao hatching from the egg. Less knowledgeable people then take it as solid proof that the combination works. However, the video and its demonstration are both flawed.

The problem is that the Shiny Normal Chao shown in the video is actually a Shiny Silver Normal Chao. If you have read the Special Breeds page, then you know that Shiny Jewel Chao are special. Any Shiny Jewel Normal Chao looks exactly like a Shiny Two-Tone Normal, but carries its Jewel Coat secretly. When the Shiny Silver Normal Chao mates, its child inherits the Silver Jewel Coat, which is dominant over the Lime Green colour. The child therefore comes out as a Silver Chao. See the Genetics page for more information.

In conclusion, the video actually demonstrates nothing special at all. It just shows a Silver Chao breeding and producing another Silver Chao as its offspring.