There are seven different seeds available in the game, and they can all be bought from the Black Market. Your Chao can plant them in the Chao Gardens to grow a tree! The tree will then provide different fruit, depending on which seed was used.

Seed Description
Tasty Seed Produces a tree that grows Tasty Fruit.
Round Seed Produces a tree that grows Round Fruit.
Square Seed Produces a tree that grows Square Fruit.
Triangle Seed Produces a tree that grows Triangle Fruit.
Dark Seed Produces a tree that grows Dark Fruit.
Hero Seed Produces a tree that grows Hero Fruit.
Strong Seed Produces a tree that grows Strong Fruit.

Planting a Tree

Before your Chao can plant any seeds, it will need to have won the Shovel from the Crab Pool race. Once your Chao has the Shovel, it will be able to plant seeds for the rest of its life.

To plant a seed, simply buy one from the Black Market and then give it to your Chao (the one with the Shovel). It will walk around for a while, and then plant the seed in the ground. If he drops the seed, then just give it to him again; it just depends on him walking over the correct spot.

There is a second item which is useful for planting seeds: the Watering Can, which is won from the Stump Valley race. It is not essential like the Shovel, but it helps. If your Chao has this when it plants a seed, then it will also water it, which will make the tree grow faster and live longer. Also, Chao with the Watering Can will sometimes water grown trees when they are bored; this causes all fruit on the tree to instantly ripen.

Unlike the regular trees, all planted trees are temporary. They will eventually wither and die. When this happens, you can just plant a new tree in that spot if you want.

Planting Locations

Each of the three gardens has a total of four fixed spots where seeds can be planted. Seeds cannot be planted anywhere else. If there are already four planted trees, then you will not be able to plant any more trees in that garden until some of them die. The exact locations are described below.

Chao Garden

  1. On the right side of the entrance, between the first patch of flowers and the pool of water.
  2. In the middle of the garden, towards the pond. If you have the Ball toy, then it is next to that.
  3. On top of the hill, next to the small dent in the ground.
  4. In the back, behind the normal tree and on the right side of the hill where #3 is.

Hero Garden

  1. Behind the staircase.
  2. In front of the second big plant on the mountain wall, to the right of the entrance.
  3. Further along the mountain wall, directly in front of where you can see two groups of pink and purple flowers.
  4. Between the Chao Transporter and the regular tree near it.

Dark Garden

  1. On the very left side of the garden, between the normal tree and the pool of blood.
  2. In front of the two gravestones which are closest to the Chao Transporter.
  3. In the middle of the garden, in front of #2.
  4. On the right side of the garden with the big tree, directly in front of the brown plant which is next to the gravestone closest to the entrance.