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Monitor by the Water

What are Chao?
Chao are tiny, cute, and
mysterious creatures that
are adored by people from
all over the world.
Chao live in the "Chao Garden."
The Chao Garden is where you
can breed and raise Chao.

Raising Chao
Chao are very easy to raise.
The big eggs that you will see in
the Chao Garden are Chao eggs.
Chao eggs hatch on their own, but
you can also hatch them yourself.
A Chao's personality will change
depending upon the way it was
hatched, so try various ways of
hatching a Chao.

Feeding Chao
Chao love fruits.
If Chao eat fruits, they will grow
up to be healthy Chao.

How to get fruits
Fruits grow on the trees in
the Chao Garden.
After pressing the Action button
in front of the tree to grab it,
shake the tree with the Left Stick.
Fruits will fall off the tree if you
continue to shake it for awhile.

Small animals
Have you seen the small animals
In the Action Stages, you will find
many small animals.
If you give a small animal to a
Chao, the Chao will change its
shape, and act as the small
animal would.
Chao change according to the
small animal that is given to them.
So give a Chao different types of
small animals to see how it will

Caring for Chao
Chao like to be petted and carried
Chao do not like it when they are
attacked by a spin attack or are
Chao like to be given fruits to eat.

Breeding Chao
When the flowers around a Chao
start to bloom, it indicates that
they can breed.
If you can get two Chao together,
the Chao may lay an egg.

About the fruits
Chao love fruits.
There are various types of fruits,
and they all effect Chao in
different ways.
Fruits build up Chao stamina,
which can help them win the
Chao Race.

About time
For some unknown reason, the
Chao Garden has its own time,
and it's only active when you are
So even if you have many
garden, you don't need to worry
about time when you're in a
particular garden raising a Chao.

About Chao Race: Part 1
For a Chao to win a race, a Chao
must have high skill levels
(abilities) and stamina.
A lot of encouragement from your
part is crucial in winning a race
as well.

About Chao Race: Part 2
Chao can gain abilities, such as
running, flying, swimming, and
strength, by giving it various
types of small animals.
Chao can gain stamina by eating
lots of fruit.
You can check a Chao's skills
and stamina level when you pick
it up.

About Chao Race: Part 3
Press any of whistle, attack, jump
button to cheer Chao on.
But remember, the more you
encourage your Chao, the more
stamina your Chao will consume.
So pacing your encouragement
is very important in winning a race.

Monitor by Chao Race Door

Welcome to Chao Stadium!
Home of the Chao Races!!

Monitor by Chao Transporter

'Name Machine'
This is a machine that
records a Chao's name.
Grab a Chao and place it
on the red button to start.
Give your Chao a cute name, OK?

Monitor by Garden Warp Holes

'Warp Hole'
This is a Warp Hole.
You can go easily to gardens
you have previously been to.
You may bring Chao and
eggs with you, too.