There are many things that can be accomplished through hacking in Sonic Adventure DX, such as finding removed items, or getting unique and otherwise unobtainable kinds of Chao! This page is under construction, so expect a lot more content to show up here in the future!

Fusion's SADX PC Chao Editor

Fusion's SADX PC Chao Editor is the best program for editing Chao on the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX. It was developed right here on Chao Island by Fusion, and it gives you full control over all of your Chao, fruits, hats, animals, Black Market, and more!

For more information, see Fusion's thread on our community forums. You can also find the latest news and downloads on Fusion's website.

Please note that it currently does not work with the Steam version of Sonic Adventure DX, as that was recently released and has made many internal changes to the code. A new version of the editor will be released soon with support for the Steam version.