There are many fan-made Chao recipes. These are sets of instructions that, when followed, produces a Chao that should look like something special, such as a character from another game. Please do not confuse this idea with Character Chao; these recipes are just fun, unofficial combinations of evolution and breed, thought up by people like you.

If you visit our community forums, then you may know that we have a Chao Recipes board. This is a place where members of our community can post their own recipes for others to try out. Below are some of the most popular recipes from our community! If you'd like to see even more, or post your own, then take a look at our Chao Recipes forum.

Possessed Skull Chao

This recipe was originally posted by Sketcher on our forums. You can view his thread for more information.

Please note that this requires the GameCube version.

Final Result Instructions
Possessed Skull Chao
  1. Buy a Shiny Yellow egg from the Black Market. Hatch and evolve the Chao.
  2. Buy an Amethyst egg from the Tiny Chao Garden, or bring it over from Sonic Adventure DX. Hatch and evolve the Chao.
  3. Breed the two Chao together until they produce an Invisible Chao.
  4. Give the Chao a Skeleton Dog, so that it can wear hats.
  5. Dig up a Skull hat and have the Chao wear it.
  6. Give the Chao some Condors until it only has the wings.
  7. Give the Chao a Half Fish until it gets a fireball over its head.

Quicker Shadow Chao

This recipe is very simple and merely speeds up the process of getting a Shadow Chao; that is, a Chao which looks similar to Shadow. As you may know, the Dark/Run first evolution has bright green stripes on its spikes, and the Chao only attains Shadow-like red stripes when it grows into the Dark/Run/Run second evolution. However, if the Chao is a Two-Tone Red, then it will have red stripes right away!

Final Result Instructions
Quicker Shadow Chao
  1. Buy a Mono-Tone Red egg from the Black Market. Hatch and evolve the Chao.
  2. Breed the Red Chao together with one of your starter Two-Tone Normal Chao until they produce a Two-Tone Red Chao.
  3. Raise the Chao into a Dark/Run or Dark/Run/Run evolution.