Special Breeds (PC)

If you have managed to read and understand all of the other pages in the "Breeding Chao" section, then congratulations: you are now ready to learn about special breeds. If you haven't, then please read those first.

This page only applies to the PC (non-steam) version of Sonic Adventure DX. If you want to know about special breeds on the GameCube version, then visit the GameCube page. Special breeds do not exist at all on the PC (steam), PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Shiny Jewel Chao

There are different kinds of special breeds, but they are all obtained in the same way. You can acquire one of these special breeds when you have a Chao which is Shiny and has a Jewel Coat at the same time; that is, a Shiny Jewel Chao.

Shiny Jewel Chao are special because they have a unique appearance which is highly unusual, and not at all what you would expect given how the two parents look. The rare combination of Shiny and Jewel at the same time produces a very strange result. It is unknown why this happens, but it does. Some people believe that it is a glitch.

Shiny Jewel Chao can only be obtained through special breeding. You will need to breed a Shiny Coloured Chao with a Jewel Chao. You can buy a Shiny Egg from the Black Market, and you can find Jewel Eggs in the Adventure Fields or the Tiny Chao Garden. The result of this pairing should be a Shiny Jewel Chao.

Pseudo Chao

Unlike on the GameCube version, there are no Transparent Chao or Invisible Chao. Instead, the special breeds are all Pseudo Chao on the PC version. Even though all Shiny Jewel Chao are Pseudo Chao, their exact appearances depend on the Base Colour of the Chao. The specific Jewel Coat of your Chao does not matter at all; all that matters is that your Chao does have some kind of Jewel Coat, regardless of what it is! For example, Gold, Aquamarine, and Topaz will all work in the same way, whilst Red, Blue, and Green will produce different Chao.

These Chao have been termed "Pseudo Chao" by the community. This is because their appearance is deceptive: they mostly look like ordinary Chao, but their significant genetic differences will show themselves when they breed. As previously mentioned, the exact appearance depends on the Base Colour. The following table describes how each Pseudo Chao looks.

Special Breed Actual Appearance
Shiny Jewel Normal This looks like a Shiny Two-Tone Normal. You should remember that it is actually a Shiny Jewel Normal, or you may be confused when it comes to mating. For example, it might not actually have the Two-Tone gene at all!
Shiny Jewel White Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Red Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Blue Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Yellow Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Pink This looks like a Shiny Two-Tone White, but it has a mint-green tint. For this reason, it has been nicknamed the "Mint Chao".
Shiny Jewel Purple Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Aqua Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Orange Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Green Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Brown This looks like a Shiny Two-Tone White. Just like an ordinary Two-Tone White, it will look like a Two-Tone Normal Chao if it has the Hero alignment.
Shiny Jewel Grey Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Light Green Coming soon.
Shiny Jewel Black Coming soon.