If you press the "L" button, the shop window will appear on the left of the screen. You can buy fruit, eggs, and toys from this shop using rings that you've collected either in the main game (in the case of Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, and Sonic Pinball Party) or by playing the included mini-games. You can press the "L" button again to close the shop window.


There are seven different fruits for sale in the Tiny Chao Garden's shop, and each one has different effects on your Chao. The table below shows each fruit, along with its (unofficial) name, price, and stat changes. Please note that you can only have up to eight fruit in your Tiny Chao Garden at a time; you will not be able to purchase any more fruit if you already have eight.

Item Details Stat Bar Changes
Slot Icon Name Price Swim Fly Run Power Stamina
1 Orange Fruit Orange Fruit 30 Rings +30% -20% -20% +30% +10%
2 Blue Fruit Blue Fruit 60 Rings +20% +50% -10% -10% +30%
3 Pink Fruit Pink Fruit 55 Rings +40% -30% +40% -30% +20%
4 Green Fruit Green Fruit 50 Rings 0 -10% +30% +40% +20%
5 Purple Fruit Purple Fruit 30 Rings -20% +30% +30% -20% +10%
6 Yellow Fruit Yellow Fruit 55 Rings -30% +40% -30% +40% +20%
7 Red Fruit Red Fruit 70 Rings +30% +10% +30% +20% -50%


There are twelve different eggs which can be bought from the Tiny Chao Garden's shop, but only one of them is stocked at a time. The egg which is available for sale is randomly selected each time you enter the Tiny Chao Garden. The more expensive eggs show up less often. Please note that you can only have up to one egg in your Tiny Chao Garden at a time; you will not be able to purchase an egg if you already have one.

Interestingly, the Tiny Chao Garden can stock Normal eggs. These cannot be purchased in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX, forcing you to create a new Chao Garden save file on a different memory card in order to obtain more. With the Tiny Chao Garden, you have an infinite supply for free!

All of the other eggs for sale are Jewel eggs, which are unobtainable in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and hard to come by in Sonic Adventure DX. This means that the Tiny Chao Garden is an excellent source of very rare eggs! The table below shows the colour and price of each egg.

Icon Egg Colour Price
Normal Normal Free
Silver Silver 500 Rings
Gold Gold 1,000 Rings
Ruby Ruby (pink) 5,000 Rings
Sapphire Sapphire (blue) 7,000 Rings
Amethyst Amethyst (purple) 8,000 Rings
Emerald Emerald (teal) 10,000 Rings
Garnet Garnet (red) 12,000 Rings
Aquamarine Aquamarine (cyan) 14,000 Rings
Peridot Peridot (lime) 16,000 Rings
Topaz Topaz (orange) 18,000 Rings
Onyx Onyx (black) 20,000 Rings


The last slot in the Tiny Chao Garden's shop holds a toy. There are three different toys, and you must purchase them in order. When you buy a toy, it is placed in your Tiny Chao Garden forever.

Icon Toy Price Description
Instrument Instrument 1,000 Rings You can give this instrument to your Chao, and it will play a short tune on it.
Duck Duck 2,000 Rings This toy is a decoration which floats in the pond wherever you decide to place it. There is a rumour that your Chao can ride it around, but this should be considered false. See the Rumours page for more information.
TV TV 8,000 Rings This toy appears in the shop three hours after you purchase the Duck. Your Chao will sometimes sit and watch TV, occasionally commenting on what it watches. If you interrupt your Chao while it is busy watching, it will be mad!